Products & Services by Khumoyame Enterprises

Services & Products

Khumoyame Enterprises offers the following:

Branding Solutions:

• Indoor and outdoor display equipment's solutions: Working with high-Tech printing companies in South Africa just to give our client the best events branding solutions. • Our work is backed with many years of experience in the stitching of different Medias used on many of the portable display stands currently in the market. Among the highlights: Standard banners, FlagsBanner-wall, Sharkfin, Arc flag, Pop-up stands and Gazebos

Industrial Equipment Sourcing:

• Khumoyame Enterprises offers a cost effective products sourcing service to companies locally and abroad by finding and qualifying suppliers in South Africa.

Area of speciality:

  1. Office Furniture (Chairs and Desking)
  2. Hardware and Industrial Equipments ( Electrical, Mining and Contruction)
  3. Home appliances (Bosch and Siemens)
  4. IT Equipments (Apple and Windows products)

African Prints & Hospitality industry support:

• Khumoyame came up with the most ingenious African style products for african prints lovers & customers.

With our ability to design and hand print on our own 100% cotton fabric, we are proud to offer hand made products thanks to our local talents.

One thing our products have in common is: The high quality finish


Strong Foundations

KHUMOYAME ENTERPRISES is a service oriented company that values customers’ satisfaction.

It all started in 2012 while in Durban the place of choice of our local and international tourists. We quickly realized the gap we needed to fill in the market. Hence our Mission: Provide great products & Service

Now based in Johannesburg the City of Gold, we strive to answer the demands & requirements of our clients in this big city.

Industry Experience

Khumoyame Enterprises is proud to have been fulfilling our clients’ needs and requirements for the last 6 years in South Africa and abroad.