Hand Printed - Cut & Make

OUT OF AFRICA DESIGNS: Solutions for Hotels & B&Bs

We specialize in hand printing of Ethnic designs (Big5, animals and tribal) on 100% cotton seed fabrics.

Our fabrics and prints are for tablecloths, cushions, aprons and bags with animal Print and tribal design for your home, gifts wedding, and reception or special event.

Our strength is in the quality print and finish allowing you to enjoy our products for many years

Genuine hand crafted home items out of 100% cotton fabric. Ethnic Prints are done on different colours background fabrics: white, cream, copper, lime green, orange and many more.

  1. Tableblecloths: Round & Rectangle
  2. Cushion covers: 40 x 40 & 50 x 50cm
  3. Placemats: Rectangle, Square and round
  4. Bags & Accessories: Shopper bags, purse...