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23 Jun 2019

Continental Free-Trade Area (AFCFTA) An Opportunity for South African companies

➢ In March 2018, 44 African countries signed an agreement creating a Continental Free-Trade Area (AFCFTA), which will come into effect in a few days. This agreement will foster a near 60% increase in intra-African trade by 2022.
➢ Now in 2019, a potential game changer, 22 countries have signed the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement
This represent a greater opportunity for South African companies to position themselves for business in the Copper-belt Mining Industry and the Francophone Africa market at large,

For the last 7 years, Khumoyame Enterprises has positioned many South African companies in these markets, overcoming the difficulty of doing business in a country with a different language and culture.

Great opportunity indeed, we just hope this agreement will could be implemented as soon as possible. The number of African countries ratifying the agreement is encouraging, but that there is a lot of work remaining